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Google Cardboard Mini-Games

Big City, Bigger Robot

"Channel godzilla and destroy a miniature city full of robots. Dodge sniper planes while trying to demolish as much of your surroundings before the timer runs down."

360 Asteroid Shooter

"Adventure through the galaxy, while dodging and destroying asteroids. Play this new take on the classic arcade game Asteroids for free (and with limited Ad interruptions!)"

Constellation Runner

"Surf the intergalactic highway, while dodging spaceships and collecting power-ups. Constellation Runner is an addicting endless runner game for Google Cardboard."


"Test your puzzle solving skills with this new take on Tetris! Experience the classic arcade puzzle game in virtual reality!"

The version of tetris uses the player’s gaze location to determine where the currently falling block should move on the board and uses the single button on the Google Cardboard as a trigger to rotate the current block.

Nod Painter

"Add color to the world around you with just a simple nod of your head in this relaxing experience for Google Cardboard. Nod Painter allows you to modify your setting by shooting rainbow orbs from the top of your head and dying the objects they hit."

Swim Sim

This experience centers around a simple way to propel players through a virtual world. Users will steer a fish at a constant speed throughout a underwater landscape. The overall goal is to collect all the coins in the scene. When the character collides with a coin, an arrow will appear that will point in the next coins direction. A shark will chase the fish character if they get too close to each other. If the fish touches the shark, it's game over.

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